The black suffragist, Anna Julia Cooper, championed the idea that the measure of a nation's level of civilization can be weighed by the way in which it treats the women of its most supressed classes. The growing ranks of poverty in the United States are among children and women. This, along with the recent actions of our political leaders (both private and political), points to our need to raise the bar on our civilization odometer.

That bar will not rise until women make an active effort towards perceiving their actual, and taking their rightful, place in the world. This requires the effort of all women and interested men. It requires effort from you, and it doesn't necessarilty require a major effort.

Women comprise a large portion of the charity-giving public. It is time women consider how their charitable donations are best put to use to benefit women. Put your donations to work by supporting those who make a diffirence in the lives of women.

You do not have to make a large donation. Remember the stories of the Heroines who went before us. With the small donations of large numbers of women, they changed history...forever! would like you to consider The Jeannette Rankin Foundation as a place to start that effort.