Independence Day

A Patriotic Hymn for Girls

Come, little girls, and let met teach
The truths of Independence Day,
Lest patriotic song and speech
Should lead your little minds astray,
Lest you should fancy you would be
Extolled for wishing to be free.

You've learnt whence governments derive
Their powers-their just powers, rather;
And how your fathers had to strive
(But never imitate your father),
And how we've all enjoyed since then
Democracy-at least for men.

Learn now that each familiar phrase
Does not refer to such as you,
And when you sing your country's lays
Amend them thus, to make them true:
"Let freedom reign"-o'er all our brothers;
"Sweet land of liberty"- for others.

Alice Duer Miller, Women Are People!, 1917

INTRODUCTION is a journey through the Woman Suffrage Movement, a movement that secured the political freedom of more people than either the Revolutionary War or the Civil War in the United States. This is a struggle that has largely been ignored by historians.

The journey takes the movement through a country grappling with slavery, torn by civil war, and expanding a frontier. It is a journey faced with the forces of a rising Industrial Age and corrupt politics. It is a journey filled with friendships, love, betrayals, undying faith, and lifelong loyalties. It is a journey filled with its own songs and poetry. It is a journey of a movement that grows up and steps into the international arena. It is a journey to victory. It is a journey, the fruition of which is The American Dream.

The story of the Woman Suffrage Movement unfolds through articles from suffrage newspapers, letters, poetry and memoirs. Original commentary seeks to put this material into the context of its time.

The Library lists the contents of the site. The headings that are underlined are on-line. Those that are not underlined are under development, and will be uploaded at a future date, so visit us again to continue through the journey.

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