Truth for Authority, Not Authority for Truth

Seneca Falls

Rebels' First Call to Action

Man Cannot Speak for Her - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Declaration of Sentiments - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Setting the Ball in Motion - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

How to Marry A Rebel

Protestations of Love - Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell

Rebels on the Road

The Kansas Campaign

Rebels in the Rough - Henry Blackwell

Bed Bugs and Fleas - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Riding the Accommodation Train - Mary A. Livermore

Fortune has Favored Me in the Matter of Accidents - Mary A. Livermore

The Bewilderment of Being Two - Mary A. Livermore

The Advantage of being Chattle - Mary A. Livermore

A Gentlemen's Club in Rebel's Clothing - Mary A. Livermore

The Gal - Rev. Dr. Anna Howard Shaw

Rebel with a Whistle - Rev. Dr. Anna Howard Shaw

The Union Savers of Cleveland - Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

The Civil War

Mother Bickerdyke - Mary A. Livermore

War's End

The Shoemaker's Legacy

Aunt Cloe's Politics - Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

In Counting There is Strength

Corruption Unfair

Rebels Betrayed

Psyche Attempting to Vote in the Nineteenth Century - F. R. M.

An Unauthorized Interview - Alice Duer Miller

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Vote I Go

I've Been and Gone and Done It! - Susan B. Anthony

Let It Be Done

Educating the Jury Pool

Is It a Crime for a U. S. Citizen to Vote? - Susan B. Anthony

Justice Postponed

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Court I Go

The Trial

The Testimony

Closing Arguments

Fair Play - Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Miss Anthony's Case - Lucy Stone

The Verdict

Does the Prisoner Have Anything to Say? - Susan B. Anthony

Fascinating Violations, Delicious Insults

The Belligerent Attitude - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Recipes For Rebels - A Suffrage Cook Book


Rebel Soup

Mother's Election Cake

Soft Soap

Double Jeopardy - Black Suffragists

A Double Standard - Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

The Colored Man's Paradise - Mary Church Terrell

Civil Disobedience and Activism

Picking Garfield's Apples

The Suffrage Movement in England

Brutal Treatment of Suffragettes - Alice Stone Blackwell

Taxation Without Representation

Vermont Suffragist Resists Taxation

Women To Burn - The Triangle Shirt-waist Factory Fire

The Final Campaign

The Crisis - Carrie Chapman Catt

Rebels at War - World War I

War of the Roses - Tennessee, the Final Campaign

Rebels Triumphant

Golden Apples

Become a Heroine (or Hero)

The Jeannette Rankin Foundation

Quotable Heroines